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45+ Tips to Protect Your Health

With the modern day lifestyle our bodies and minds are always at stake. To meet the demands of a competitive environment we often ignore the basic necessities of our body. We consider pain to be a problem when it is supposed to be a symptom for diseases that are about to show up.

Learning various ways to prevent these diseases will always keep your health in good condition. So you can also keep doctors and hospitals at bay. This will help you in saving your finances as well. Find out the different troubles that are ready to attack your health and how to tackle them with simple remedies for a healthy life.

Four Herbal Home Remedies to Choose for Health Conditions
Herbal remedies have been used for many thousand years to treat a variety of health conditions. Here are some herbal remedies for everyday cooking.

Nine Precautions for Foot Swelling
Foot swelling is the most occurring irritation for pregnancy ladies, the whole feet may swell up, or some parts like the ankles or the shins may swell. Here are some precautions to take care of foot swelling.

Choose This Simple Diet to Stop Snoring
In order to stop your snoring, you should choose this diet.

Do You Suffer From Moles?
In order to prevent Moles, here are some remedies to choose.

Eight Extraordinary Natural Remedies for Stomach Ulcers
Stomach pains are extremely arising pains; it can be seen generally in children. Here are some natural remedies for stomach ulcer.

Green Tea Could Delay the Aging Process
To cure your skin from damaging and aging, green tea is best treat for you. Have a look how green tea is work on your skin.

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Six Different Types of Allergies
What are different types of Allergies?Allergy is a disorder of the immune system and it is occurred by the environmental conditions. There are six main different types of allergies, see here what they are.

Five Secrets for Weight Loss
Generally most of the people wanted to know how to control the weight and be safe from ailments. Here are some secrets to follow everyone.

Four Natural Herbs to Treat Your Acne
Acne is the most dangerous problem to treat, however if you want to get rid of acne, you should choose these natural herbs without any doubt.

Some Remedies for Heartburn
In order to prevent your heartburn, here are some remedies to use. Have a look what they are.

Five Steps to Get Beautiful Skin
It is very important to maintain your skin as it would be your first impression. Here are some steps to get beautiful skin.

Five Natural Herbs to Treat Your Anxiety
Do you suffer from Anxiety? So you already know that it is how important to cure. Due to natural herbs we can control the anxiety disorder.

How Can You Prevent Your Migraine
In order to prevent migraine, you must take some vitamins and minerals. Have a look what are they.

Should You Choose Home Remedies for Depression
Generally most of the people are aware that what causes depression. It can be irritability, sadness and some physical pains. Here are some home remedies to cure depression.

Three Super Foods: You Need to Know
Here are three super foods that your body easily gets reduced from ailments.

Can Large Quantity of Garlic Lead to Side Effects
By eating garlic one can have better health as well as some side effects. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of garlic.

Onion: Used for Medicinal Property
Onion is one of the edible things used in recipes and preparations. We cannot prepare any dish without onions. To know how onions can be used as health benefits so read this.

Six Food Alternatives to Control Your Weight
In order to control your weight, you should choose these alternatives.

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Being Overweight Can Lead to a Difficult Delivery
Nowadays most women are having much weight during pregnancy. This can lead to having heavy baby and can cause difficult delivery. Here’s why.

How to Take Care of Your Eyes
Eyes, through which we see and understand and enjoy are the greatest of all gifts. We must take care of them so that they are useful to all our life.

How Olive Oil is Benefit for Health?
Olive oil is fruit oil and it is obtained from olive tree. There are many health benefits of olive oil. Here are the benefits of olive oil.

Three Simple Remedies for Acne
Acne is the skin disease known as pimples and blackheads. Find out the remedies for acne to have more confidence and better looking skin.

How to Control Diabetes with Proper Diet
Diabetes is a very dangerous disease to control and maintain. Here are some basic rules to follow how to control your diabetes with proper diet.

How Does Binge Drinking Effect Bones
Binge drinking is one of the most common diseases in adults.

Six Vegetables to Prevent Diabetes
Vegetable diet is very important process to control your diabetes. Generally all the vegetables are healthy to eat, but there are some vegetables to control diabetes. See here what they are.

Treatment for Insomnia
Insomnia is a sleep disorder and here are some treatment steps.

Read a Book and Have Happy Sleep
I am sure, if you read a book, then you will fall asleep. Those who are not getting sleep, please read this.

Pistachio Tree: Reduces the Heart Stroke
Pistachio is a dessert plant and highly tolerant of saline soil. Pistachio nuts are helpful to prevent heart disease. Read here how it helpful for your heart.

Would You Like to Look Younger?
Generally most of the people want to look young and beautiful. Here are some health tips to follow.

Lebanon Cedar: Evergreen Coniferous Tree
Lebanon Cedar is a part of the forest in cedars of god. It is planted as ornamental tree in parks and avenues.

Broccoli – Italian Vegetable
Broccoli is an Italian vegetable. It is edible vegetable, and looks like cauliflower. It has some health tips to follow.

Marvelous Methi: One of the All-Rounders of the Vegetable Kingdom
Methi is a marvel, one of the true all-rounders of the vegetable kingdom. It has many medicinal properties.

Malnutrition: Most Available Disease in Children
Malnutrition is the lack of sufficient nutrients to maintain healthy body. It is a term used for medical condition caused by insufficient or improper diet.

Binge Drinking
Binge drinking is one of the most common diseases in adults.

Orchids: Beauty and Medicinal Value
Orchids are the most fascinating among all the ornamentals. Read here to know how

Athlete’s Foot: Fungus Infection of the Foot
The name of this disease comes form the fact that it is often spread among athletes who share a common shower bath.

Why Does One Become Deaf?
Deafness means nearly complete or total loss of hearing. Hard-of-hearing applies to those who lose some ability to hear sounds.

T.B.: Extremely Infectious Diseases
Pulmonary tuberculosis is an extremely infectious and dangerous disease. It is generally called T.B. this is spread by bacteria called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.

Lemon: Remedy for Multiple Ailments
Once the seasonal summer heat sets in, we run for a cool shade and stretch our hand for a chilled drink. Yes, it is time to think of a better way to beat the heat.

Ringworm – a Common Disease of the Skin
Ringworm is a common disease of the skin caused by a fungus infection. In medical terms it is called “tinea".

High Heels: Foot-related Problems
There are many types of heels available in the market as beautiful footwear. Today’s make over of youngsters is incomplete without these fashionable accessories.

Bean: Nitrogen-fixing Legume
Beans are the fruits of many different plants and in many cases the plants themselves are called beans. Read here for more information about beans.

Health Benefits of Banana
Did you know that banana can provide the best natural protection across such diverse diseases as high blood pressure, to even heart strokes?

Dangers of Sleep Apnea
What is Sleep Apnea? Why is it dangerous?

Some more interesting science and health topics, click here.
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45+ of My Articles at Bukisa

I have been writing a lot of articles at Below is the list of all articles one by one. You can also get an idea of what the article is about by reading the paragraph below each title. I would appreciate very much, if you please leave comments after reading any of my articles.

ICET 2009 Counseling Dates, Rank wise College Allotment

ICET 2009 exam is conducted this year 09th May, by Andhra University. With the increase in demand for higher education, competitive examinations like ICET see ever growing participation from aspirants. This year there are more than 2, 00,000 people have written ICET exam.

There are many websites where you can post your articles and earn money from them. Here are the five fantastic and best websites where you can earn money by submitting articles to them.

How to get Relief from Migraine during Pregnancy
The chronic migraines disappear during pregnancy. This change in women is brought about by the hormonal changes inside the body, the effect indeed comes as a relief for women who suffer from chronic migraines and who have had to stop taking their regular medication because of possible complications it could have during pregnancy.

How to Get a better Nights Sleep
Sleep problems can be a sign of an underlying medical condition (e.g. thyroid problems or depression), so get this checked out with a suitably qualified health professional.

5 Essential Weight Loss Tips: You Need to Know
Every time you eat, your food must consists of a little amount of proteins, a little amount of fats and a medium amount of vegetables. You can, however, have a little bit of healthy food snacks such as apples and low fat yoghurts.

How to get enough Proteins?
Protein is an organic compound and it contains 22 amino acids thats why it is an essential part of our life. There are many benefits of protein. Doctors would recommend that we should have to take proper diet that contains enough proteins.

Is Mediterranean Diet Healthy for You?
Mediterranean diet is healthy food, but you have to eat it in portions. Mediterranean diet prevents the prosperity diseases, especially heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and overweight. And many of us know, the virtues of the Mediterranean cuisine reside in the selection of its basic elements: fruits and vegetables, grains, fish and seafood, olive oil and red wine in moderation.

How to get start Your Exercise Program?
The chronic migraines disappear during pregnancy. This change in women is brought about by the hormonal changes inside the body, the effect indeed comes as a relief for women who suffer from chronic migraines and who have had to stop taking their regular medication because of possible complications it could have during pregnancy.

6 Extraordinary Supplements for Weight Loss
There are different types of fat burner weight loss supplements available in the market that claim to make you thinner within a specified time span. Here is a brief overview of few popularly used weight loss supplements.

Olive Oil – Increases Your Life
Olive oil is fruit oil obtained from olive tree. Olive oil is used throughout the world, but especially in the Mediterranean. The research has shown that olive oil not only prevents damage to your arteries, but it also reverses high levels of cholesterol in your blood and lowers blood pressure.

Back Pain – Preventing Methods
In order to prevent your back pain here are some methods to do follow.

Perspiration: Effective Process to Control Body Temperature
Our body is like a furnace. The food we take acts like fuel inside the body. It produces heat energy by the process of oxidation. Through this process about 2500 calories of heat is produced everyday in the body of a normal adult.

Conservation – Beneficial to Mankind
Animals, minerals and plants are all part of earths resources, the environment that help us to live. Because human beings are increasing in numbers and are also increasing their needs, they are using up earths resources and destroying the environment very quickly. The way to use resources sensibly for the good of mankind is called conservation.

How to Write an Article
First of all, you have to think, what should you have to write the topic and how to get the ideas. After taking into mind this points, now jot down the points on a rough note book. After next you have to write it on fair book. Then here are some points you have to notice.

Ayers’ Rock Changes Colors Everyday
We have often heard about the Chameleon changing its color, but any hill doing so seems to be a strange happening. There is a hill in South Australia called Ayers’ Rock that changes its color everyday and in every season. It also known as Uluru in the aboriginal language.

Baldness: Causes and Control
People say many things about baldness, it means a man is getting old, or it means he is unusually intelligent, or he is unusually dull. But all baldness really means is that a man is losing his hair.

How to Stop Snoring?

How to get Beautiful Skin?

Defects of Eye: You Need to Know
Eyes, through which we see and understand and enjoy are the greatest of all gifts. We must take care of them so that they are useful to all our life.

Choose These Tips for Your Weight Loss
Controlling weight is nothing you have to focus on proper diet and planning is efficient. The success of your diet depends on your will, determination and discipline to eat with proper food. Here are the five tips to know everyone.

How Were Mountains Formed?

What Makes a Man Good or Bad?
If consuming wine is bad to one, it is very good for another. If eating non-vegetarian food is good to one, it is bad for another. But the basic moral, cultural and traditional.

Magma Hardens into Rock
Inside the earth it is very hot. This great heat melts some rock material that is there and makes it liquid rock. This liquid rock that lies in huge underground pockets is called magma.

Oceanography: Study of Ocean
The biological oceanographer studies the occurrence of living organisms in the ocean. The chemical oceanographer studies the chemical prospects of sea water.

Hardware Engineering: The Career
Hardware is the term applied to computer chips, circuit boards, computer systems, and equipment like keyboards, modems, and printers. Although the work of computer hardware engineers resembles that of an electronics engineer, the former focus on computer and computer related equipment.

Seaweed: A Universal type of Food
All the oceans across the world contain rich life. They are in the form of marine algae. The microscopic marine phytoplankton’s, a rich source of food, are so far neither explored nor studied. The seaweeds a part of the food chain forms an important base for the higher forms of sea life and ultimately the fisheries industry,

Different Types of Peppers
Peppers come from the fruit or seeds of a climbing shrub. Black pepper is made by pickling unripe berries and drying them until they turn black. White pepper is made by removing the outer coat before grinding.

Four Important Types of Joints
Whenever two bones glide over another, a joint exists. A joint allows the bones to glide smoothly with very little friction.

How is Rainfall Measured
The instrument used to measure the amount of rainfall is called “rain gauge”. In every country meteorological department makes use of rain gauges to keep a record of rainfall at different place. Rainfall is measured in terms of inches of millimeters.

How to Prevent Soil Erosion
Rocks are eroded by mechanical and running water weakens the rock. Some types of rocks, such as limestone dissolve slowly in water. Other rocks may be eaten away by chemicals in the water.

Extraordinary Benefits of Banana
You never would have thought of these benefits of Banana :) ..

Extraordinary Supplements for Weight Loss: You didn’t Know
As everyone know, it is important to lose weight, so we often practice exercise, and take capsules to decrease the weight. Some people checkup their health weekly. But latest research has shown that supplements work good to lose your weight.

How to Improve Your Personality
Know these 9 habits that can change your life..

Extraordinary Benefits of Lemon
Ever thought of these benefits when you took that lemon Juice or pickle?

Why Does One Become Deaf?
Congenital deafness can be caused by many different factors. For example, it the pregnant woman suffers from measles within three months of conception, the child born can be deaf. However, in many cases deafness occurs after the death.

Athlete’s Foot: Fungus Infection of the Foot
There are two main types of athlete's foot. In the more common form, a crack appears in the skin, usually at the base of the fifth toe or between the fourth and the fifth toes. There is also some loose dead skin clinging between the toes. When this loose skin is removed, the skin is red and shiny.

Intoxicants: Harmful Effect on our Health
People generally consume tobacco in the form of bidi, cigarette or hookah. Some people chew it raw. Tobacco contains powerful poison called nicotine. Even though it is contained in extremely minute quantities, yet it is very harmful to our health. When we smoke, some amount of nicotine, carried along with the smoke, is absorbed by our blood.

Eating Out Often: Is It Desirable?
Sometimes breakfast and lunch at the office canteen or at a nearby restaurant and on weekends dining out with family and friends are fast becoming a norm of city life. Perhaps, it is the way of life that force us to do so. Whatever may be the reason behind it, it means we all have less control over the food we eat.

Eight Remedies for Stomach Ulcer
Stomach ulcer is caused by bacteria, which is known as Helicobacter Pylori. The causes of stomach ulcers include excess acid production, the overuse of medications, and smoking. The use of certain medications, such as an excessive use of aspirin, can worsen stomach ulcers.

How to Prevent Heartburn?
What is heartburn? We have powerful acids splashing around in our stomach. It is HCL acid and it has a pH 1.0 to 2.5 which is necessary for dissolving meat.

6 Types of Allergies: You didn't Know?

7 Different Kinds of Chocolotes

Tips to Write an E-Book
As a writer, you know writing is a good aspect to express feelings and your perceptions. Ebook is a book whatever the topic, your interest or you knows more about it and then writes out it as in simple way.

Do You Know What Effect Can Large Quantity of Garlic Have?

When and How Telephone Invented?
The word telephone comes from the two Greek words, tele meaning "far" and phone meaning "sound". Telephone therefore means "sound coming from far". The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. He was a Scottish born US scientist and inventor.

Health Benefits of Green Tea
We all know, green tea is best remedy for all health problems and cancer diseases. Green tea is famous for being a strong antioxidant that exonerates toxic substances from the body.

4 Delicious Online Food Websites for Recipes
Know these in your quest for becoming a popular chef..

Biomedical Engineering: The Career
Biomedical engineering is a broad field that brings together engineering, biology, and medicine to create new techniques, devices, and understanding of living systems to improve the quality of human and animal life.

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How to Manage your Stress?

A lecturer was giving a lecture to his student on stress management. He raised a glass of water and asked the audience. ‘How heavy do you think this glass of water is?’ the students answers ranged from 20 to 500 gm.

‘It does not matter on the absolute weight. It depends on how long you hold it. If I hold it for a minute, it is Ok. If I hold it for an hour, I will have an ache in my tight arm. If I hold it for a day, you will have to call an ambulance. It is exactly the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes.

If we carry our burdens all the time, we will not be able to carry on, the burden becoming increasingly heavier. What you have to do is to put the glass down, rest for a while before holding it up again.We have to put down the burden periodically, so that we can be refreshed and are able to carry on.

So before you return home from work tonight, put the burden of work down. Don’t carry it back pick up tomorrow. Whatever burdens you are having now on your shoulders, let it down for a moment. Pick it up again later when you have rested. Rest and relax. Life is short, enjoy it!

Adversity causes most men to break and a few to break records

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why do Women have sweet voice?

Generally the voice of women is sweeter than that of men. Even boys have feminine voice till the age of eleven or twelve years. But later it starts becoming hoarse.

Normally, the age of eleven to thirteen years us known as the period of puberty. During this period some of glands produce certain hormones. These hormones bring many changes in the bodies of the boys produce a hormone called ‘testosterone’ which is mainly responsible for the change of voice.

Though this hormone is not produced in the girls, yet a slight change takes place in their voice also. The charge occurs mainly due to the further growth of their throat, mouth, nose and upper jaw. Due to all these factors women have a sweeter voice than men.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Varieties of Butterflies

Some of the world’s most beautiful butterflies include Krishan peacock, Bhutan glory and Kaiser-I- hind. These varieties are butting away in an experimental farm for butterflies in the northeastern region of India.

The country ahs the single largest chunk of about 1440 species of butterflies out of an estimated world total of 20000 species.

The common bird writing, the largest Indian variety with a wing span of more than 10 cm is found in the Western Ghats.

Friday, June 13, 2008

How does a Spider Spin a Web?

A spider can produce a silky substance from tiny openings on its underside. To spin a web it starts by making a frame of this silk, attaching it to firm objects, such as twigs.

When the frame is finished, the spider fixes spokes of silk across it, jut like the spokes of a wheel. Then it arranges the sticky spiral thread across these spokes, leaving a platform of non-sticky thread in the middle where it waits for its prey. Though the webs look delicate, they are very strong.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is a Cheshire Home?

Cheshire homes are a worldwide organization looking after the incurably sick and physically handicapped for whom hospital cannot do anything. They were founded by Leonard Cheshire in 1948. Disabled persons are admitted according to their need, irrespective of race, creed or social status.

The residents enjoy the freedom of religious thought. Britain has the largest number of Cheshire Homes. Each home is run by a local committee which raises funds to run it.